Real Time tracking

Real time tracking.Tracking the patient’s flight is as simple as clicking our link and then clicking ‘Track Patient’.  Following the flight in real time allows us to monitor moment to moment conditions.  We can also be more time efficient and cost effective when coordinating with the ground and medical crews.  We offer this tool to our patient’s support group so they may stay informed and know when to expect the patient home. 


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Aircraft & Equipment


An alternative choice for the care of the unfunded Latin American National.

24/7 Domestic and International Flights

ImageAt Stat Air we are committed to providing compassionate care and unsurpassed response time.  We are available 24/7 anywhere in the world.  Once you call Stat Air, the patient, or representative,  will be greeted by a medical professional that can answer any questions, address any concerns and handle the details of the medical transport from the ground up.  Our expert dispatch team will work with the referring facility to provide ground transport, receive the necessary medical information to address the patient’s condition, provide a mobile ICU in a fully equipped fixed-wing plane, and transport the patient to the receiving facility.  Our flight registered nurse and/or Medical Director will work together with the patient’s medical team.  Family and loved ones will be provided with real-time updates on the patient’s status and any changes throughout the transport process. 

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Medical Escort

ImageCommercial or private air escort service is offered as an alternative depending on the patient’s status.  Our nurses and paramedics can travel with a patient who is stable.  All staff members are trained to assist with mobility, as well as medical and hygiene needs.  All appropriate medical tools, including portable oxygen, are supplied.  We handle the booking of first class seating for the patient and their escorts.  We arrange ground transport for any connecting flights.  We accompany the patient from the plane to their receiving facility or to their home.


Step-by-step we are there with you.

Image The initial phone call, will start the process and as stated before, you will be greeted by a medical professional that can understand your medical needs. The transport coordination will then commence:

  • Our medical staff will contact the hospital/medical team handling your case for a full report with full comprehension of patient privacy acts.

  • We will work with your Case Manager/Discharge Planner to address all the legal documentations, payment services and that discharge criteria are met per physician orders.

  • The Stat Air medical coordinator will then evaluate the needs of the transport and safety of the patient.

  • The Flight Team will be selected case by case, and each air ambulance flight will consist of a minimum of 2 critical care medical professionals that is capable of managing Advanced Life Support transports.

  • Arrangements are made for ground transportation to and from the hospital to the airports.

  • We will provide continuous updates on itineraries and medical conditions to those authorized in your care.

  • Our Flight team and our Medical Team will conduct a pre-flight inspection of aircraft and medical equipment. Also, prior to departure, we will arrange for customs and immigration to clear the medical transport.

  • During the flight, the medical team will provide you with comfort care, pain management and continuous assessment of your status throughout the flight

  • Upon landing, the ground transportation is expected at the airport prior to our arrival. Our team will then transfer you safely to the ground ambulance team.

  • If necessary, we will accompany the ground team to the receiving facility and give a full medical report to the hospital.

  • The Medical team will now return home.

  • Upon completion, the Medical Coordinator will contact the sending facility and provide them will a full medical report and details of the success of your transport.



Accompanying Your Loved Ones

Image Whenever possible, we try to accommodate the transport of loved ones on the patient's flight at no additional cost. However, the patient's needs are our priority. Each medical flight is customized to the individual's transport needs and conditions may preclude having other passengers aboard. Space is limited and luggage may need to be shipped separately.
If accompanying the patient, you must provide required documentation prior to departure. This includes your name, date of birth, relationship, passport and/or Visa. We try our best to accommodate the wishes of our patients and their support group.