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Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment And Levels of Care

The transportation of Air Ambulance is equivalent to that of a mobile ICU.  The level of care that Stat Air provides can be from BLS (basic life support), critical care, to ALS (advanced life support) of all ages.  The equipment needed to provide routine and emergency medical services is readily available on all transports; any additional equipment is customized to the patients needs for a safe and comfortable transport.  We are equipped with cardiovascular monitoring and life support measures, respiratory/ventilation for advanced airway management, and trauma/burns requirements for immobilization and pain management/infection control standards.  Our Flight team is also equipped with a full pharmacy of acls protocols including thrombolytic agents. With state of the art diagnostic tools and equipment, we are capable of all aspects to maintain hemodynamic stability and ensure that we are properly caring for the patient.


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Throughout the transport, our patients are continously monitored including the use of propak for vss and SpO2, cardiac monitoring for EKG and external pacemaker.  We are fully equiped for ACLS transport which includes defibrillators and ACLS pharmacy, to treat changes in patient status.

  • Continously monitored
  • ACLS transport
  • Defibrillators and ACLS pharmacy


Patients requiring respiratory support, we have full advanced airway management capabilities with use of portable ventilators, suction equipment and oxygen support.

  • Respiratory support
  • Advanced airway management


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Even if the flight is for a BLS transport, we carry a full ACLS/emergency drugs for each flight.  Also aboard each flight are medications for pain management and speciality medications specified for each individual patient.  Comprehensive IV fluid management and supplies for peripheral, central venous and intraosseous infusion via infusion pump or rapid infusion.

  • ACLS/emergency drugs
  • Pain management
  • IV fluid management

Trauma injuries

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For patients that have experienced a trauma/burn that is stable for transport, we have developed policies and procedures for the use of CID-cervical immobilization devices that will provide a secure and safe transport.  Pain management of trauma patients is a vital concern and we will address your needs to provide comfort care during the flight.

  • CID-cervical immobilization devices
  • Secure and safe transport
  • Pain management