The Power of Many

With many air ambulance plane contracts available to us throughout the world, we will arrange the transport on the most cost effective, specially equipped planes that is best suited for the patients needs.  All aircraft utilized by Stat Air are fully compliant and operational with FAA part 135 certificates.  Each jet/plane are pressurized and climate controlled for patient comfort, with back up oxygen system available for patient safety and have transcontinental capabilities to bring you to your final destination.*

Stat Air utilizes the services of licensed Part 135 air carriers to meet your air ambulance transportation need. Stat Air does not own, lease or operate aircraft, and has no affiliation with any direct air carrier. Stat Air contracts for the provision of air transportation services in its own name and coordinates the provision of medical services for your flight.

LearJet 25, 35, 36

The cabin interior can be converted to several different configurations to allow for medevacs. This is achieved by removing the starboard seating to allow for a stretcher, mounting oxygen bottles and Intravenous drip equipment.

The two flight crew are then supplemented by either a doctor or flight nurse or both.


  • Ranges of 1,500 to 3,000 miles at speeds of 533 miles per hour
  • A Medical team and up to 2 passengers.



Gulf Stream Jet

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Outstanding performance capabilities prepare Gulfstream aircraft for the stern demands of medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) service. They operate comfortably from airfields that are inaccessible to other aircraft. The Gulfstream G400, G500 and G550 perform well even under tough weather conditions, while the lowest altitude cabin environment in the ultra-long range class reduces the stress to patients caused by altitude changes*.

  • Ranges of 3,600-4,100 miles at speeds of 560 mph.
  • Medical team and upto 4 passengers



King Air Turboprop

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A range of 1,250 miles at 270 miles per hour, medical team and upto 2 passengers. Capable of landing at 95 percent of all U.S. airports, and most others worldwide.

  • Exceptional short-field performance.
  • Accessible to a wide variety of airports.
  • Max cruising speed 583km/h



Cessna twin-engine

Twin engine is the most versatile and efficient aircraft in its class. Know for its dependability in situations that allow zero room for error. Used for shorter-distance trips. They can fly up to 850 miles at 240 miles per hour. There is room for a medical team and up to 2 passengers.

  • Max cruising speed 240 mph
  • Ultra dependable.
  • Practical, safe and cost effective for short trips.



Commercial Airlines

Commercial or private air escort service is offered as an alternative depending on the patient’s status. Our nurses and paramedics can travel with a patient who is stable. All staff members are trained to assist with mobility, as well as medical and hygiene needs. All appropriate medical tools, including portable oxygen, are supplied. We handle the booking of first class seating for the patient and their escorts.

  • Coordinate first class seating for patient and escorts.
  • Arrange ground transport for any connecting flights.
  • Nurses and paramedics can travel with the patient.