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Track Patients In Real Time

24 Hours Imergancy services Tracking your flight is as simple as clicking our link to 'Track Patient'. Following our flights in real time, we are able to monitor moment to moment conditions and adapt quickly to any adjustments necessary for the success of our transports…


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Superior standards of care in all levels of care, including...

  • Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support and Commercial Medical Escort.

  • With many contracts available to us in the aviation industry covering the west and east coast, we are able to respond quickly and transport you to your destination world-wide.
  • Patient repatriation

Patient repatriation

Superior standards of care in all levels of care, including... read more

Our Mission

Stat Air International promises to carry on a professional and diligent awareness in the air ambulance industry to provide a higher level of care during one's most crucial time of need. We will provide quality care with the utmost respect and consideration to you.

- Myron Griffin, Stat Air International

Managing Your Critical Care Transport

Managing Your Critical Care Transport

At Stat Air International, our priority is the safety of our patients, while upholding the highest standards of care.

Your medical care should be excellent and compassionate. With a brilliant medical team experienced in the critical care setting and state of the art equipment, we are obligated to provide you such standards. Our team members are all healthcare professionals and is knowledgeable to assess your needs and understand your medical concerns from the initial phone call. At Stat Air, we know that time is essential, therefore, we are readily available and can dispatch from anywhere in the world to bring you home.

Experience Makes the difference

care of by experienced and skillful professionals

When you or a loved one are experiencing a difficult moment, you want to know that you are being taken care of by experienced and skillful professionals.

At Stat Air, we pride ourselves that all the members of our team have a medical background,possessing the competent level to assess your needs and focus on your safety from the initial phone call. We understand that your medical emergency not only applies strain to your physical well-being, but also to your mental well-being. And during times of stress, you do not want to worry about the care you will recieve. We are their to comfort you through your journey and will work with your medical team to provide the best care for you and your loved ones. Our dedicated medical professionals carry years of experience in the critical care setting and continue their level of skill through on going in-services and training. They are recognized by their peers and are respected throughout the industry. The level of care you will recieive with Stat Air is nothing less than knowledgeable, caring and understanding.

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